The slew of fuel increases that have hit all of us citizens in South Africa, make it difficult to truly enjoy the long drives and trails across our beautiful country. But what if we could alleviate some of your costly fuel woes by giving you our top 5 tips to save you fuel this season.


Tip #1 – Drive Less with the Windows Down

Having open windows and your sunroof open can put strain on your vehicle by reversing some of the aerodynamics – causing extra friction. Your vehicle then needs to work harder, causing the car to consume more petrol.


Tip #2 – Consider How You’re Shifting Gears

Keep it chill and drive in a higher gear. This will put less pressure on the engine and will decrease your petrol usage. Thus rather drive in your car’s highest gear rather than the lowest.

Tip #3 – Map your Route

Try to avoid travelling during heavy traffic, as all the stopping and starting cancongestions as this puts pressure on your car’s engine again causing an increase in petrol consumption, rather travel either before or after peak traffic.


Tip #4 – Turn your engine off instead of idling

– When you’re standing in gridlock traffic, turn your car off instead of leaving your car on. Leaving your car wastes a lot of precious petrol.


Tip #5 – Brake gently

– Jerking your car to a stop will firstly ware down your tires as well as use a large amount of petrol. Therefore, bring your car to a gentle stop.

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