Your new car may come in the form of a just-like-new used car or a brand new, out the box car that you can drive off our showroom floor. No matter the type, the process of buying your car remains the same from the first to the fifth, these helpful buying tips can help you in your buying journey.

Research & Research Some More

You know that when you decide to buy a new car, you tend to see it everywhere you go. You see it on the highway, in parking lots and even in the street you live. You tend to know what kind of brand, model and shape you prefer but it helps if you do a bit of research so that it gives you peace of mind for such an important purchase. Look at our offerings, specials and range of sedan, hatchback, bakkies and commercial vehicles and narrow it down to your top picks.

New or Pre-Loved?

Although your finances might dictate whether you can afford a new or used vehicle, sometimes there are benefits and advantages to both ranges. If you can’t compromise on the perfection and new car smell, then our range of new Chevrolet, Opel and Isuzu vehicles are where you need to be looking. But if you want great value for money, quality used cars that offer you an upgrade for a fraction of the price, then our used car range should be your first stop to finding your perfect car.

Check your Finances

Speaking of finances before, you will need to assess what you can afford monthly, which will narrow down your choices to the top picks that suit your pocket. Can you get a deposit together to help out your monthly payments? Maybe trade in a vehicle to lower your monthly contributions, every little bit helps. And so will our F&I when you’re looking for professional financial advice on your next purchase.

Follow your Gut & Commit

Once you feel comfortable with the car you’ve test driven, checked out all the features and know how to operate all of them, take the opportunity to ask your salesman if there are accessories that could make your car that little bit more epic than it already is.


Once all the paperwork is in order and the financial side of things has been handled, you can embrace your new or used car with your big heart and open arms, knowing you’ve got an amazing car to start your journey of memorable moments

To get you started, check out our online showroom for New or Used Cars or check out the latest Isuzu specials we have on offer!