People tend to think of bakkies as workhorses, and that’s what they are commonly used for. They are usually used for hauling heavy loads, transporting supplies, and are very useful in the farming and construction industries, as well as having many other uses. However, the Isuzu KB300 double cab is also a brilliant vehicle for families. The latest design is thought by consumers to be much better looking from the outside than previous models, and with an upgraded interior, it is very much a vehicle for all lifestyles.

With more than enough comfortable room in the double cab, the back can easily be turned into a safe play area or used to transport toys and equipment for a family day out. Add a cushion or two and it becomes a picnic place, away from the bugs on the ground. There are many ways you can utilize the back of the KB300 on a family outing.

It not only has 18 inch alloys, a rear view camera, leather seats, and a touch screen radio with navigation, but it’s very fuel efficient as well. It also has several safety features, including electronic stability control, brake assist, traction control, brake-force distribution and anti lock braking system.


In fact, it’s the ideal bakkie for taking your family out and knowing it will be reliable and safe for them to be in.

Of course, no bakkie will be as nippy as a hatchback, but the other advantages far outweigh that small point.