Seven reasons the Isuzu mu-X is your next family car

With so many beautiful and scenic areas to explore around the country with family, it’s no surprise that so many choose to spend their holidays in the country, going on road trips and taking the family out.

What criteria do you consider when taking on the school holiday road trip? Is it safe and comfortable for the whole family? Is it being able to carry a lot of gear? The ability to handle the long road? For an SUV that gives you peace of mind on the road, look no further than Isuzu mu-X. We’ve put together seven reasons why it’s vital for your next family trip.

It’s robust and durable

It’s your no-frills, all about business vehicle with a durable track-record that can transport your family safely. You won’t have to think twice when coming across a gravel road on the journey, as mu-X can handle anything that has been thrown at it.

It’s safe

Safety is the number one priority when you’re on the road with family and little ones. The Isuzu mu-X has a five-star safety rating and has its fair share of safety technology in place.

Easy to drive

Road trips have sharp turns and twists in the road, and can often find the driver on roads that are difficult to manoeuvre. The power-packed mu-X is easy to steer and allows for easy tackling U-turns or three-point turns.

It’s comfortable 

Made of hard plastic with an interior that’s as simple as it gets with enough space for everything, you won’t find comfort like this anywhere else.

It’s family-friendly 

The mu-X is packed with entertainment that easily connects to your smartphone for music

It’s fuel-efficient

When you’re spending hours on the road, you want a vehicle that is fuel-efficient and doesn’t guzzle petrol.

It’s versatile

The mu-X can carry items of all shapes and sizes for your next trip, with folding seats and space for snacks.

The Isuzu mu-X is the straightforward choice for all challenges during road trips while keeping your family safe and comfortable.