Although Isuzu manufacture in 47 plants spread over 30 countries, South Africa is the first factory they have 100% ownership of outside of Japan. All the others are in partnership with other manufacturers, but they have such faith in the South African market that this time they decided to go it alone.

The president of Isuzu Motors of Japan has said the company is committed to growing its business in South Africa, hence the purchase of the Struandale plant in Port Elizabeth, which once belonged to General Motors.


Although it’s not clear whether the vehicle will be imported or made at Port Elizabeth, their latest SUV, the MU-X, will be brought to South Africa very soon. This is already very popular in Australia and other parts of Eastern Asia, holding the top market place in the Philliplines.

Some people see this as the first real competitor for the Ford Everest and the Toyota Fortuner, and it will be a hard fought battle. Ford and Toyota already have a foothold in South Africa, while Isuzu are fairly new to the country. However, it seems the Isuzu vehicles already on the roads are proving to be very popular, and drivers like the fact they are so reliable. The whole package from Isuzu is one of the best around. With a five-year warranty, five-year service plan, and Isuzu Roadside Assist, you can’t go wrong.


The MU-X will be available in 2×4 and 4×4 configurations, but as yet no pricing or spec details have been released.