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They Did What?! A No Nonsense Review of an Opel Service

As a 22-year old student who has little to no idea about cars, booking my first Opel service for my car was a daunting idea. After emailing and phoning around to get quotes, I found that Perdeberg Motors in Malmesbury offered me the best price by far and as someone fresh out of university, pricing is everything.


I live in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and the thought of a car service in Malmesbury was something I hadn’t considered. But after my experience, the scenic drive up the N7 is an added bonus to the great service I received.

Opel Astra voted "Car of the Year 2016"

The winner of the prestigious "Car of the Year" (COTY) award is the Opel Astra! Voted by the leading minds and journalists in the automotive industry, the award was presented at this year's  Geneva Motor Show in Rüsselsheim.  The new Opel Astra won the "Car of the Year 2016" award, which is the most renowned of the entire event...

It’s Feb & that Means New Adventures for All Our Brands!



A new year means different things to different people, but this February is for all the our car brand lovers.



It is that time of year where all focus is on the new releases and concept cars that are being displayed at the motor shows across the globe. Chevrolet, Opel and Isuzu did not disappoint.


Get a Sneak Peak at the Opel GT Concept


Opel has confidently stepped into the sportscar world with a bang in 2016.

The Opel GT Concept is planned to have it’s world premier at the Geneva Motor Show in early March.




This car shows everyone exactly who Opel are and where they plan on going in the future with their design and architecture. It is an innovative and avant-garde vehicle that is taking the motor world to another level.

New Opel Adam Rocks Drivers Socks Off


Limited Edition Swing-top canvas roof Bolder exterior styling

When you thought the Opel Adam couldn’t get any more fabulous, they decide to bring out a limited edition! Yes, Opel has launched the Opel Adam Rocks to the South African market.

Inspired by calisthenic strength and parkour agility, the Opel Adam Rocks is all about the freedom to express yourself in your own unique way.


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