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Isuzu KB300 Review: Hitting the Long Road

Starting the Journey with the Isuzu KB300

The Isuzu KB300 Double Cab may be better known for its 'work horse' persona and extensive commercial use due to its fuel economy, quality build and easy driving experience.

Little do people know, that the KB300 is no longer just the hard working cousin in the long line of Isuzu products, but since the facelift, it has been launched as a lifestyle bakkie with the versatility of a commercial Double Cab.

Our review takes us on a long trek from coast to coast - leaving the sleepy town of Knysna and heading through the rocky mountains of the Overberg and ending at the rolling hills of the Swartland.

We tested this new view, to find out just how comfortable a long road drive could be. This wasn't a one-way ticket and a return visit would need to be made a few days later, so our findings were going to determine whether we abandon the Isuzu for a Boeing on the return trek.


How did the Isuzu KB300 Actually Do?

We braced ourselves for what we thought would be a hard-ridden, unforgiving expedition - but what we were met with was a smooth and comfortable journey that amounted to better results than we initially thought. We set off onto the open road from Knysna on a, early misty morning. With a hot cup of coffee resting in the cup holders and the radio set on the full colour display - we were ready to take to the road. The 3.0L diesel engine had no trouble responding to our push for power on the inclines and overtaking.

When it came to space - we never doubted that the KB300 was going to give any troubles. Four grown men with all their bags and Bokke gear secured in the back, fitted comfortably through a portion of the drive. Naturally on long journeys, you need to stop and get refreshments, stretch your legs, take in the fresh air and scenery around you - but you never felt as though you needed to. Throughout the drive, seating was comfortable and body parts didn't fall asleep involuntarily.

In terms of performance and power, the 5-speed gearbox had its ups and downs (pun intended). Fuel economy wasn't bad but that could be due to my driving style but a sixth gear would have assisted in some of the non-stop longer distance sections of the trip. However, the overall performance cannot be overstated - even in fifth gear, you didn't need to drop to forth to gain some extra power. It responded well on a tap and provided power when needed most.


In the End? We Love the Isuzu KB300 (Available in Malmesbury, Cape Town)

The Isuzu KB300 is more than capable when it comes to providing comfort on long drives. As a more affordable alternative to the usual line-up of lifestyle double cabs, the Isuzu KB300 fits the bill and ticks all the boxes. Throw on a few chunky tyres, add a few accessories like a canopy or roof racks, throw on your luggage and head out on an epic experience - with your KB300 as your guide.

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