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Leaving School Soon? Here's How to Buy your First Car!

student holding keys

So it's nearly time to leave school and join the rest of sociality on the road. Might sound scary to some and exciting to others.

And amongst all the struggles and excitement, take into consideration to be responsible!

So you need to make sure you get yourself a realiable, cost-effective and light on petrol run-around.

Let's take you through some of the basics to buying your freedom ;)



You should consider a few things before you jump into the biggest step of freedom. Look at what your budget is. Way up your options if buying a car will save you a lot of money than taking public transport to a school far away. Perhaps it is time to invest in a car to travel with.

We understand that as a student, money is almost nonexistant, so it is very important to possibly work a job in order to get finance approved or get your parents to buy your car for you. Shop around to find the best value for your money.

How Do I Choose a Vehicle?

Book a Test Drive, its FREE! Come on, everybody loves free stuff. This way you can determine which vehicle will be the most comfortable for you. After test driving several cars, the choice should be clear. If not, sleep on it, get the advice from people who have experience and make sure to choose the right vehicle that suits your needs and your budget.

Which Vehicle is Best?

With so many used cars in Cape Town and surrounds, the choices are seemingly endless and can be quite overwhelming. So let us narrowdown the choices so some of our favourites. Check out the few below:

Chevrolet Spark Lite 1.2 L 5DR

Easy to park, light on fuel, a student’s dream and has been the chosen vehicle ever since its release. Check out or new Chevrolet Spark deals here: Click here.

Hyundai Grand i10

The Hyundai Grand i10 is a sort after vehicle as its affordable, simple, trendy and can carry your text books to your university. Check out our latest stock of Hyundai i10's here: Click here.



Toyota Etios 1.5 L 5DR XS Hatchback

The Toyota Etios has become synonymous with reliabilty. Let’s just say, it's a very long-term investment. Can't find a Toyota Etios in Cape Town, check out our latest stock of other reliable Toyota's here: Click here.

Get your independence and buy yourself or your child a reliable vehicle today. Make sure to contact Perdeberg Motors today on 087 724 8082

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