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The 3 Greatest Car Chases EVER

bourne in a taxi

Every month we bring you some great tips and highlight some of the industry's top brands but this time, we thought we'd  shift our focus and bring you some of our sales executives favourite movie car chases.

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Let's get straight into it shall we - Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present to you “Our Executive's Greatest Movie Car Chases ... EVER!”


Francois du Toit: The French Connection

Gene Hackman - underneath an elevated railway – fast driving, with unprecedented stunts never seen performed before - enough said.


Rikus Meissenheimer : The Fast and the Furious

I have many favorite car chases and but nothing can compare to the obvious global favorite car chase movie sequence from The Fast and Furious (1,2,3 …). My most favourite scenes always mixed humour, racing, filled with car crashes, explosions, and chaos that's larger than life. You can feel the crazy over-the-top action as they swerve in and out of city streets.


John Bougas: The Bourne Supremacy

Towards the end of The Bourne Supremacy, Jason Bourne is badly beaten, anxious and tired. With Moscow’s cops on his tale, Jason’s only escape route is a taxi cab, followed by one of the most brutal car chases ever filmed. Substantially focusing on survival – that poor taxi takes a hard hits, and when I watch it, I can feel the impact of every hit. Every movie in this franchise is epic - well worth watching over and over again!


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