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Eng: Business As Usual For Perdeberg Motors

Business As Usual At PM Group

John Trollip (Owner) & the team are staying put!

The Perdeberg Motors team want to reassure you that the recent news about General Motors withdrawal from SA – WILL NOT AFFECT Perdeberg Motors personal clients in any way.

What does this mean for current and future #Chevrolet #Opel and #Isuzu customers? 
It means Nothing Changes. Perdeberg Motors will honour all existing service plans and warranties, which will remain in place until their completion. We will provide after sales support for all Chevrolet, Opel and Isuzu customers.

The future value of your Opel or Chevrolet will not be affected as they still remain a great option for anyone looking for a reliable, quality product that still has EXACTLY the same backup service from Perdeberg that you are used to. 

Now, what does this mean for Perdeberg Motors? With Isuzu Motors SA at the helm, we are excited to continue providing excellent service and value to all our customers and friends across the country. 

We will be releasing a full story as soon as possible but if you need any more info, please feel free to contact us on 022 482 1158

Yours in continued support, John Trollip & the Perdeberg Motors team.

John Trollip
082 339 1274

Francois Du Toit
Handelaars hoof
083 661 9174

Louis Havenga
Na-verkope Bestuurder
082 449 5677

Cor Louw
Parte Bestuurder
022 482 1158

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