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Here are Some of Our Favourites! Cape Town - There's nothing like an old-school road trip to get the family love flowing freely... Yeah, we know. The term 'family love' often means screaming, hitting, pinching and fighting with your siblings on the backseat of the family sedan. But it also means having these best of friends right by your side. Even if it's All. The. Time.  If there's one thing we can teach you about family road-tripping, it's to keep it... + read more
Starting the Journey with the Isuzu KB300 The Isuzu KB300 Double Cab may be better known for its 'work horse' persona and extensive commercial use due to its fuel economy, quality build and easy driving experience. Little do people know, that the KB300 is no longer just the hard working cousin in the long line of Isuzu products, but since the facelift, it has been launched as a lifestyle bakkie with the versatility of a commercial Double Cab. Our review takes us on a long trek... + read more
student holding keys
So it's nearly time to leave school and join the rest of sociality on the road. Might sound scary to some and exciting to others. And amongst all the struggles and excitement, take into consideration to be responsible! So you need to make sure you get yourself a realiable, cost-effective and light on petrol run-around. Let's take you through some of the basics to buying your freedom ;)   BUYING YOUR FIRST CAR You should consider a few things before you jump into... + read more
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Every month we bring you some great tips and highlight some of the industry's top brands but this time, we thought we'd  shift our focus and bring you some of our sales executives favourite movie car chases. Make sure to tell us your favourite car chases scene that we may have left out  and share it on our Perdeberg Motors Facebook page! Let's get straight into it shall we - Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present to you “Our Executive's Greatest Movie... + read more
South Africa adores bakkies and over the years the Chevrolet Utility bakkie has remained a firm favourite. This bakkie offers an affordable and reliable way of getting around. Manufatured as an Opel Corsa bakkie back in 1982, fitted with a 1.2 litre 55 horsepower engine. Redesigned in 1990, updates were made to the interior and the headlights were modified. Once taken over by Chevrolet, the current models have maintained the bakkie's reputation for being hard-wearing, dependable and good... + read more


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